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Tips for Outdoor Living with Ceiling Fans

Consider ceiling fans for your Florida Keys outdoor living spaceWhen the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, it’s natural that the first thing you will want to do is head out to the backyard and enjoy a warm soak in the Florida sun.  It’s a natural paradise with all of your favorite plants and possessions close by, and it’s perfect for enjoying alone or with loved ones.  Until, you know, it gets too warm, as if that ever happens in the Florida Keys, right? 😉  Then you’re struggling to enjoy the shade while fanning yourself with a magazine.  Sound familiar?  Well, make it a thing of the past by considering outdoor ceiling fans.

Why ceiling fans are a good idea

Even though we enjoy the warm sunny days, sometimes it can get too warm to enjoy it, or too humid as Florida often gets.  A fresh breeze isn’t always an option since we can’t control the weather, and a ceiling fan can help make sure that you have the power to create your own cool breeze to keep you comfortable.

Fan choices

You should know, first, that you will have two main choices, which are damp rating, or those that are wet rating.  Damp rated fans can be put in place where they are covered from the rain or other moisture that is in the air during a summer storm.  Theses fans are safe with being slightly damp, but not wet.  As you can probably guess, wet rated fans are those that can be put anywhere, even if it’s right in the path of a rainstorm.  It is intended to function in wet weather without a stutter.

What to look for in a fan

If you are considering an outdoor fan for your comfortable living space outside, then there are some things to keep in mind when you are shopping for the right one.

Overall quality

The determining factor of an outdoor fan should be its overall quality.  This means that you won’t find it profitable to shop in the lower tier if you want something that can last for years without causing a problem.  Just like internal fans, outdoor fans get a lot of use, so go quality and you can protect your investment over time, and ensure it lasts longer.

Airflow rating

Additionally, you can also use the airflow rating as another important aspect in your fan choice.  Since the whole point is to use the fan to get the air moving, you want to make sure that the fan has a good airflow rating.  Look for anything above a 4 to start off.


Both efficiency and electricity usage should be kept in mind, too.  The fan should be as efficient as possible while also making sure that it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg in your electricity bill overall.  A lot of modern fans accommodate for this.

These tips will put you in a great place to be prepared to head out to the store and find the right outdoor fan for you and your property.  You will love how it will transform your outdoor living space into the “it place” to entertain this summer or just for you to get away and still be comfortable.

Curb appeal is huge and your outdoor living area, whether seen by others or not is a great selling piece when buyers are looking for property to buy. Should you be looking to buy or sell in the Florida Keys, contact Terry Canto at (305) 394-3037 with any questions or to look for the best properties in Florida!